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Heyya! Long time no see. Dah lama aku tak update dekat blog comel ni. Haha, pashan je ._.
Okay. Now, idk what to write. *thinking* Hmmm. Any idea? Lols.
Ah, last week are the most bad week ever! Everything are so bad. Ah, I hate it.

Oh ya. Now, our babies Yang Yo Seob has grown and now a real man! Congratez for the solo debut. InShaaAllah I will buy the album. But I have to save some money first *suddenly* Where's my save box? Omg :O Omma, I want some money. Please :3 

Ah, my last year examination are so bad bad bad bad baddddd ._. I hate to see the result. But I must see it! If not I will be more crazy -.- *Sorry for the bad english* *bow*
So sad to see my Math marks! Omg. How could I got D? Omma, jebbal. Don't blame me :/ Blame the cat. She disturb me when I want to study. Hehe. 

Omo omo. Why? Why I'm so GEDIK at here? Well, Amanina always like that -.- Shooo shy -///-
Eh, okie i want to stop at here. See you soon. Pen off ;)